Hi, I'm Natalia and I have been a bra wearer since I was 11 years old. I started Uplifted Bra Services because I am my own customer.

Here is my journey...

When I was 11 I would wrap my boobs in a tensor bandage because I didn’t want anyone to see my boobs ‘cause I didn’t want to be the biggest in the class, and it was probably more like biggest in the school including some teachers.

Through my teens into University, I knew my boobs were big but I sort of shrugged it off and made due with what was out there. I have always been active in sports and used the infamous double and triple bra methods in a feeble attempt to obtain control. When I finally found a bra boutique and got fitted, I was SO excited!! I went from being in an ill fitting 42DDD, to a perfectly fit 38HH, and then 36J, where I happily live right now. That excitement faded to sheer fear when I saw the prices. $150, for ONE bra, I better treat this like gold ‘cause that was all I was going to be able to afford for a while. Then came true adultishhood and travelling. I travelled to the USA and Europe, got fitted again and my excitement was back in full effect…THEY FIT AND ARE AFFORDABLE!! But wait, why can’t it be like this in Canada, well Ontario anyway?? This question fed research into some of my favourite bra brands, completion of the American Breast Care (ABC) Certified fitter training, and then... Uplifted Bra Service was born.