I have always had issues with finding the right bra size without breaking the bank. I was a bit skeptical when I booked with Natalia but WOW that all went away when I met her. I was able to get fitted in the comfort of my home and I didn't have to get out of my pajamas. I can now play soccer and do fitness classes in ONE sport bra, can wear button up shirts, AND NO MORE UNDER BOOB SWEAT!! I have found my bra pusher for life LOL :)

Monique C


Leah O.

Had a great experience with Natalia! Loved finding the right fit!!!!!

Ever since you've fitted me no matter my size I've never strayed unless I still had a lone soldier in my drawer waiting for my transition till you arrive. You have a eye and talent I will always support

Rhea H

I just finished a fitting with Natalia, and it was a superlative experience in every way! She is impeccably professional and kind, gives excellent and honest advice, and has kickass bras. In less than 30 minutes I found FOUR bras that I liked. That's the most efficient bra shopping experience of my life. The comfort of having a fitting in my own home rather than in an awkward fitting room was such a nice change. The bras are surprisingly affordable, too! Can't say enough good things about Natalia and Uplifted!!! Highly recommended!!

Jess S

I have bought many bras here and never a measurement and the best fit I have ever had in all my 50 years Thanks Nat 💕


Natalia is so knowledgeable, helpful and willing to go above and beyond to get you what you need! She's the best.

Natalia is a superstar! Not only was she able to fit me in last minute on my way out of Toronto after a devastating experience at Change Lingerie, she helped me find multiple bras that fit me incredibly and made me feel sexy. She had tons of stock, knowledge and was so sweet and personable. I am definitely going back to this bra expert angel when i am indeed in need again. Thanks Natalia! Me and my tatas thank you! Xo

Natalie J

Natalia is an absolute sweet heart! I am so glad I reached out to her. She taught me about the fit of my bras and what to look for. I couldn’t be happier with her customer service, her knowledge and the bras I found. FINALLY something that fits me properly. Thank you Natalia!!

Aisha N